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llaci 19.03.2020

Update on Dermatovenereology teaching during Covid-19 Epidemy

Based on the announcement of Rector Magnificus of Charles University, all teaching activity is permitted by remote means only.

With effect from 16.00 (4 p.m.) on 16 March 2020 until 24 March 2020 inclusive (or until the revocation of the crisis measures stated above), Rector Magnificus prohibited any form of individual tuition, including the holding of individual consultation, and individual tests and state exams (including rigorous and doctoral exams).

Regarding our dermatovenereology courses, we ake keen to foster intensive self-study activities of our students.

For our lecture slides, please, visit our website (SIS login is necessary).

To enhance your clinical experience, please, see the day-to-day study schedule and check additional suggested study materials - the content is available via the link provided via email to all students of English parallel. We have included interesting clinical guidelines, videos, case reports etc. Please, be considerate, the materials shared on Onedrive with you is NOT intended for further dissemination.

In case of need, a deeper explanation or clarification will be possible with our experts. Do not hesitate and consult our experts via email (please, use the addresses available on Onedrive), or via skype (5987@vfn.cz).

We are also inviting students to participate in our interactive colloquium. The attendees will be invited via registered email (please, check your mailbox and add lukas.lacina@lf1.cuni.cz as a contact, you can prevent sorting my email as spam). It is advisable to instal Adobe Connect ahead.


Alternatively, you are invited to use Microsoft Teams ( meeting room Dermatology in Covid19 Times, access number: t5vxeau).

LINK: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/team/19%3abe11fac4d4454d65ab83d6224ebbcece%40thread.tacv2/conversations?groupId=3ddfcb2b-cec7-4788-8f3c-ff4af51aec96&tenantId=e09276da-f934-4086-bf08-8816a20414a2

Volunteering Bonus: students with confirmed volunteering activity (at leat 2 weeks at Dermatovenereology ward) will not write Credit test.

The credit will be issued in SIS on the day of the exam. 


The terms for exam published in SIS might remain valid, however, the timing might be modified (timing due to the actual time schedule of our examinators).

For students present in different time zones (Far East Asia, or USA), please, drop an email to lukas.lacina@lf1.cuni.cz and we can schedule your participation in suitable times.



Prof. MUDr. Jiří Štork, CSc., Chairman, Dr. Lukáš Lacina, Ph.D. Lead to English Curriculum

on behalf of Department of Dermatovenereology



llaci 12.03.2020

Dermatology & Venereology for General Medicine (Group # 4051-54 - English Course)

You can significantly improve your understanding to the clinical problems of your patients and so achieve maximal yield during your clinical practices at our specialised units by careful preparation at home. Please, read thoroughly appropriate chapter in your textbooks or visit recommended websites before your practicals. For easier  examination, history taking  and communication with our Czech speaking patients, please, familiarise yourself with suggested  important sentences.

In order to improve your focusing, please, see the daily "menu" at our time schedule of our practicals.  Please, try also to ask your colleagues in your study group to form smaller groups according to the field of your interest. It can be helpful for the responsible tutor to provide proper circulation of students or their longer allocation at desired unit, if possible.

Our teachers will honestly try to present maximum variety of cutaneous disorders for you, but especially general dermatology serves as a "walk-in clinic", so the number of patients and variety of diagnoses cannot be easily predicted. All Your teachers are also at the first place clinicians, therefor "Bonum aegroti suprema lex!" (in latin: The well-being of the patient is the highest priority). Every patient has also indisputable right to protect his privacy and refuse presence of any student during his visit at our department. Thanks for understanding and respecting the tender relationship between medical professionals and our patients.

English taught lessons in academical year 2019-2020 are starting: 

30/09/2019 - Group 4151 - Dentistry (2 weeks)

16/03/2020 - Groups 4053 and 4054 / General Medicine (2 weeks)

30/03/2020 - Groups 4051 and 4052/ General Medicine  (2 weeks)

13/04/2020 - ERASMUS exchange students / General Medicine (2 weeks)