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Seminars 8.00 - 9.20 (List of Topics & Downloads)

List of Topics of Seminars & Handouts

Seminar handouts are downloadable for our students only, just click on the name of seminar leader. It will require Your identification by CAS login and password (the same as for SIS).

Principles of Examination and Therapy in Dermatology by Dr. Plzáková

Precanceroses by Dr. Plzáková

Cutaneous Tumours by Dr. Plzáková

Psoriasis, Pityriasis rosea by Assoc. Prof. Kuklova

Fungal Skin Infections by Assoc. Prof. Skořepová

Bacterial Skin Infections by Assoc. Prof. Skořepová

Pigmented Naevi and Pigmentary Skin Changes by Dr. Plzáková

Bullous Dermatoses by Prof. Štork

Autoimmuno Connective Tissue Disorders by Prof. Štork

Basics of Dermatologic Therapy by Dr. Benáková

Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reactions by Prof. Štork

Eczemas by Dr. Benáková

Histopathology of the Skin by Prof. Štork

Lichen Planus by Assoc. Prof. Kuklová

Malignant Melanoma by Dr. Plzáková

Diseases of the Skin Adnexa by  Dr. Benáková

Diseases of the Veins and Lymphoedema by Dr. Benáková

Venereology by Assoc. Prof. Pankova

Viral Diseases by Assoc. Prof. Kuklova

Parasites by Assoc. Prof. Kuklova

Students are expected to be present at 8.00  a.m. (sharp) in the Lecture Hall at the Department of Dermatology (Site Nr. 1: U Nemocnice 2  = Všeobecná Fakultní Nemocnice = VFN = General Teaching Hospital, Building A13, for better orientation see the map, please). Approach the Lecture Hall through the corridor at the ground floor and then use the staircase. To access the students cloakroom ask first  the key from the personnel of Phototerapy unit - which is located at the ground floor corridor, door Nr. 103).



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