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Dermatology & Venereology for General Medicine (Group # 4051-54 - English Course)

We are currently launching a course of Dermatology & Venereology for: 

You can  significantly improve your understanding to the clinical problems of your patients and so achieve maximal yield during your clinical sessions at our specialized units by careful preparation at home. Please, read thoroughly appropriate chapter in your textbooks or visit recommended websites before your practicals.

You can also smartly use some of recommended formulations for history taking

In order to improve your  focusing, please, see the daily "menu" at out time schedule for practicals. Please,  try also to ask your colleagues in your study group to form smaller groups according to the field of your interest. It can be helpful for the coordinator to provide proper circulation of students or their longer allocation at desired unit, if possible.

Our teachers will honestly try to present maximum variety of cutaneous disorders for you, but especially general dermatology serves as a "walk-in clinic", so the number of patients and variety of diagnoses cannot be easily predicted. All Your teachers are also at the first place clinicians, therefor "Bonum aegroti suprema lex!"  (in latin: The well-being of the patient is the highest priority).  Every patient has also undisputable right to protect his privacy and refuse presence of any student during his visit at our department. Thanks for understanding and respecting the tender relationship between medical professionals and our patients.

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